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Clover A. Perez, Ph.D
Founder & Executive Director


Dr. Clover A. Perez is the Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful HEART Ministries (ABHM), President and CEO of Clover A. Perez LLC and Founder of Clover Me'She Designs, a clothing line that promotes self love. She serves on the board of director for The Remedy Project, an Ambassador for The Susan G. Komen Foundation and a  Justice-In-Education Scholar at Columbia University. Clover is also host to "The Clover A. Perez Justice Reform Show" on Gynesis Radio which airs on Sundays 4 PM EST. 


Since her release from federal prison in March 2019, she has hit the ground running and redefining cultural views of what women who have been to prison should look like. Clover has been working tirelessly to bring awareness to mass incarceration of women and girls in prison. Clover's concept is simple, to draw open the curtain as wide as possible so the public can get a better understanding of who are the  "Faces of Women and Girls" in prison. With a much clearer view, the public will see mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and nieces who have been ripped away from their families causing much psychological damage as well as financial problems. 

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Realizing that her experience in prison could actually be an asset to help those who are incarcerated, Clover sets out on a mission to illuminate the many women and girls that are left behind; to carry their cries further than they can, by amplifying their stories in a way that hadn't been told. Clover always shares her story of how she and many women and girls found themselves exiled into a system that apparently doesn't care. She believes that perhaps the most profound tools we have at our disposal at this juncture is the simple act of telling our stories. Hopefully someone will listen and acknowledge the problem because we cannot change what we do not understand. To this end, Clover is an active speaker on this topic and plans to take her story nationwide to continue the much needed conversation and policy changes.

Clover has been a  featured speaker on CBS, as well as many Radio Shows, testified in Congress on the need for criminal justice reform, and received numerous awards for her work with women and girls returning home from prison. Clover also supports the growing momentum to bring about meaningful criminal justice reform and will continue working hard to bring forth meaningful changes in the criminal justice system.

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