Committed to the Cause

Clover A. Perez, Executive Director

Clover A. Perez is the Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful HEART Ministries. Clover strives to give visibility to women and girls that are incarcerated, as well as working to make sure that women and girls returning home from a period of incarceration have the necessary resources they need to thrive and become productive members of society. She is also a Justice Scholar at Columbia University.

Dominique Jones, Marketing Manager

Dominique has been with us since our founding. He is our veteran team member. Dominique brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

Catherine Floyd, Director of Communications

As ABHM Director of Communications, Catherine Floyd, works to amplify the mission of ABHM. Catherine is a seasoned communications professional who works diligently to organize systems of out reach.

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