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Alternatives To Incarceration (ATI)

Today there are roughly two million people who are incarcerated in the United States, which is more than in any other country in the world. High recidivism rates show that incarceration may not be an effective solution to crime. Over the years an antidote has emerged. One rate, alternatives to incarceration have flourished in recent years. As the current punishment-focused system fails (at enormous cost) to deliver meaningful rehabilitation, hundreds of non-punitive, treatment-based, and restorative options have grown in response. Still many of these programs remain difficult to access, often relying on the court's good will or a defendant's knowledge of available resources. ABHM ATI Program would take chance out of the equation, ensuring each person accused of a nonviolent crime would have access to a thorough case manager and advocate starting immediately after arrest. Unlike individual organizations which bring clients into their fold, ABHM will evaluate each individual, building a report that can be used by prosecuting and defense attorneys to connect them with the ideal alternative(s) to incarceration program given their offense. Instead of being restricted to one organization, ABHM will ensure that every option is considered and evaluated by our experience team, many of whom are directly impacted by the criminal legal system themselves. From there, a solution (or an array of them) will be presented to all parties involved, who can work out the proper balance between restitution and rehabilitation, all without incarceration.

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