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Working Towards A Better Tomorrow

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A Beautiful HEART Ministries (ABHM) is a 501(c)(3) reentry organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for formerly incarcerated women and girls. Our work is grounded by five pillars: economic advancement, education, empowerment, alternative to incarceration, and wellness. Our five pillars aim to bridge the gap between communities and those impacted by the criminal legal system. By keeping women and girls as the central focus, we remove the shroud of indivisibility that surrounds them. By listening to them, and hearing their stories, we can also imagine other contexts and choices that, if provided, would allow them to do different things, to hope for a better future, and to be people they are capable of becoming.

The United States of America has maintained the highest incarceration rate in the world. Notable, the United States of America has maintained the HIGHEST FEMALE incarceration rate in the world. 

The typical American is often surprised to discover that many of the women and girls, who are warehoused in prisons, are first-time non-violent offenders serving draconian sentences for a non-violent crime, and approximately 80% of these women, and girls suffered from some form of trauma which led to their incarceration.

Consequently, even though the United States of America only consists of 5% of the world's population, it still leads the world with the largest prison population. As a result, mass incarceration is a major epidemic, with crushing consequences. 

America is at a tipping point! The crisis of over criminalization and excessive reliance on punitive enforcement feed the problem of mass incarceration. In a time of deep political and ideological divides, the fight for criminal justice reform is more urgent than ever. As a nation, we face a choice, we can continue to spend our shrinking tax dollars on the pointless and costly incarceration of females guilty of petty crimes, or we can seek other solutions to the problems. By focusing on strategies that directly address these problems we could free up the public purse for more effective and preventative measures. 


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