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Dr. Clover A. Perez

Dr. Clover A. Perez is the Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful HEART Ministries (ABHM). President and CEO of Clover A. Perez LLC, and Founder of Clover Me'She Designs, a clothing line that promotes self love.

Anne Fabiny, MD

Dr. Anne Fabiny is a fellowship-trained geriatrician and longtime advocate for marginalized older adults. She has been an academic medical educator and clinical program builder.

Veta J. Griffith

Veta J. Griffith is a former educator with the New York City Board of Education. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the City University of New York.

Rabbi Barat Ellman

Rabbi Barat Ellman, Ph.D. is a teacher of Theology, Judaism, and Hebrew Bible, and a justice activist committed to anti-racism, criminal justice reform, and police accountability. 

Attorney Natasha Applewhite

Natasha Applewhite is an industrious and results-driven attorney with over 15 years of valuable experience providing legal services to a diverse client base. Natasha is the business attorney for ABHM.

Michel Weksler

Michel Weksler is a software engineer and an advocate for underrepresented groups. During his long career in Silicon Valley he gained experience in building and running large payments systems for PayPal, Google, and Airbnb.

Vivianne Guevara

Vivianne Guevara is the Director of Social Work and Mitigation at the Federal Defenders Office in the  Eastern District of New York. Vivianne has been a social worker in public defense for over twelve years.

Ann Grice, Secretary

Ann Grice is employed by the Labor union in Philadelphia where she is presently living. She brings to ABHM over twelve years business experience.


Our Donors

Working Towards A Better Tomorrow

A  Beautiful HEART Ministries  (ABHM) is a 501 (c)(3) reentry organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for formerly incarcerated, women, girls, and gender fluid individuals. Our work is grounded by five pillars: alternatives to incarceration, education, empowerment, wellness, and food insecurity. Our five pillars aim to bridge the gap between communities and these impacted by the criminal justice system.

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