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Fresh Green Salad with Feta

Food insecurity is a pressing issue in the United States, particularly affecting underserved communities where high levels of poverty and unemployment prevail. These areas often face a disproportionate impact from food insecurity, with many residents struggling to access nutritious food. Older adults are especially vulnerable, as they may encounter barriers such as lack of transportation or health issues that prevent them from utilizing available resources. Addressing food insecurity, which is intricately linked to poverty, requires a multifaceted approach. To this end, ABHM has partnered with food banks and community organizations to deliver nutritious groceries to families in need. If you require assistance with obtaining healthy food and live in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, or specific areas of Nassau County, you are encouraged to click the provided link to submit an application for support. This initiative aims to alleviate hunger and ensure that all individuals have access to the nourishment they need.

The Bread Basket Program
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