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Barat Ellman, Ph.D

Rabbi Barat Ellman, Ph. D. is a teacher of Theology, Judaism, and Hebrew Bible, and is a justice activist committed to anti-racism, criminal justice reform, and police accountability; and to immigrant refugee, and undocumented people's rights. She teaches Theology, Judaism and Biblical Literature at Fordham University as well as in adult interfaith education settings. She has also been on the faculty of the Bard Prison Initiative. Rabbi Ellman is co-founder of CAMMEER (Children of Abraham, Malcolm, Martin, Ella, Emma, Rosa and Rose) a multi-racial, class faith group, is on the Rabbinic Councils of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ); and the Advisory Committee for Faith Communities for Just Reentry, a coalition organized by Trinity Church, Wall St. She is an active member of T'ruah; The Rabbinic Voice for Human Rights and the Freedom Agenda. As well, she is actively involved in campaigns to pass legislation around criminal justice, including Raise-the-age, End Cash Bail, HALTSolitary, Less-is-More Parole Reform, Elder Parole, and Fair-and-Timely-Parole.

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