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A Beautiful HEART Ministries ATI Program

Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI)

Today there are roughly two million people  who are incarcerated in the United States, which is more than any other country. Reversing America's continuing over reliance on incarceration will require a complementary reform. First it will require far greater use of effective alternatives incarceration. 

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Education provides people who are incarcerated and formerly incarcerated with the best chance to create a new vision and identify for themselves. Education can be a gateway to social and economic mobility. Formerly incarcerated individuals with low levels of education often find themselves without financial resources and therefore are more vulnerable to committing criminal acts. 

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ABHM, Empowerment Event


ABHM Empowerment Program helps women and girls to be the best version of themselves. We empower, inspire and motivate each participants to take courageous steps to move forward from setbacks. Participants learn proven strategies to help bring then out of poverty, empower, and uplift them so they can become equal partners in society.

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Wellness/Mental Health, Trauma

The majority of women, girls and gender-fluid individuals who interface with the criminal legal system have been exposed to some form of  traumatic events prior to their incarceration. The growing number of incarcerated women and girls highlights the urgent need for a gender-responsive, trauma informed approach to address their needs upon their reentry.

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Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity is a prevalent issue in the United States especially in communities that are underserved.  The imbalance in resources has resulted in a disproportionately high rates of poverty and economic hardship within these communities.

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A Beautiful HEART Ministries

Our Mission

The mission of A Beautiful HEART Ministries (ABHM) is to improve the quality of life for formerly incarcerated women, girls, and gender-fluid individuals by focusing on a five-pronged approach: alternatives to incarceration, education, empowerment, wellness, and food insecurity, to facilitate change, restore healing, and reduce recidivism.

At ABHM we extend our hands and become on in purpose, embracing hope,  and empowerment, and to break the cycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system. 

A Beautiful HEART Ministries Empowerment
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